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Bag Inc. - Scene Creamers - I Suck On That Emotion (CD, Album)

8 thoughts on “ Bag Inc. - Scene Creamers - I Suck On That Emotion (CD, Album)

  1. The members of this power trio, formed in the autumn of , were all veterans of the blues revival. Guitarist Eric Clapton was the same prodigy who revealed himself with the.
  2. Jul 23,  · One of my favorite CD's. Sounds JUST like the stereo and mono master tapes. No futzing whatsoever, just like I like it. One might not agree with Tom Dowd's engineering moves on the album but to be able to hear the great songs without the annoying top end EQ that all mastering engineers feel compelled to add is a great relief! Don't miss the MoFi.
  3. Nov 08,  · Limited editions, in stereo and mono, with bonus tracks. The mono mix of “Fresh Cream” appears to be the first on CD. “Wheels of Fire,” the third album, returns on “platinum” SHM-CD and (regular) SHM-CD. A Japanese SHM-SACD version of the live/studio album was released in and appears to be out of print.
  4. Lightning to the Nations (The White Album) CD music Recorded in on a limited budget, this album still shines with raw energy, power and passion that you just dont hear in todays climate of overproduced and derivative pretenders. This album has a special feel of .
  5. Intended for the U.S. entry at the World's Fair, Weird War was meant to celebrate the use of Rock 'n' Roll in subduing the world to the global imperial system peaceably. To impress the ivory tower types at the fair however, people of unusual intellect would have to be chosen to inhabit the WW trademark Jessica Espeleta, Neil Michael Hagerty, Steve McCarty, Michelle Mae, Ian Svenonius and.
  6. Pigface - Easy Listening CD (Invisible/Underground Inc., US) Scene Creamers - I Suck On That Emotion CD/LP (Drag City, US) Janek Schaeffer - Black Immure CD (sirr-ecords, Portugal) Soft Cell - The Night two CDEPs (Cooking Vinyl, UK) Solenoid - The Lotus Eater 12" (Orac, US) Sonar Lodge - Sound Effects 2xLP (Music For Speakers, The Netherlands).
  7. CD Review "I Suck on That Emotion" Scene Creamers Drag City Records 2 and a half stars Based on 4-star system Ian Svenonius has never sacrificed style for the sake of substance. As the lead.
  8. Jan 28,  · This album makes me laugh, but not in an embarrassed, "Oh, it's so terrible" sort of way. "I Suck on That Emotion" is a great joke. Something this over the top has to be good. "The Scene Creamers are the sexually transmitted band," the members say. heh heh heh 4/5(7).

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